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C. Stinis Het toepassen van zwakgelegeerd staal in hijsgereedschappen
Literature survey, Report TT.0491, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

During the last few years we notice a process of growth in the domain of chain and chainwork, in security and application of new materials.

The committee 320.05.000 "Chainwork" therefore has been installed and this resulted into the standard NEN 3359 "Regulation for steel made chain and chainwork" instead of the "Guide for the use steelmade chain and chainwork" (March 1953). Standards for the chain itselves are embedded in the draft standard NEN 3360. This scheme is, as much as possible, adapted to the I.S.O. Recommendations on chain and chainwork.

In this report is gone into the mechanical and metallurgical points and the economical consequences for the use of light alloyed steel of hoisting apparatus that will replace the unalloyed steel in future, as far as possible.

Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
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