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Transport Technology

A. Kalkman Het berekenen van gelaste verbindingen in staalconstructies
Literature survey, Report TT.0501, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

In the last few years the ideas on the way one calculated welded structures have strongly changed. This has resulted in setting up many new standards, nationally as well as internationally. The ideas and backgrounds, which played a role in this, are considered. The calculating of statically loaded welded structures as well as fatigue loaded welded structures are dealt with extensively.

Special attention is paid to the influence of random loading on fatigue strengths. The as such found values for lifetimes are compared to the data obtained from various cumulative damage rules e.g the Palgrem-Miner rule.

Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
Modified: 2006.12.26; , TU Delft / 3mE / TT / LT.