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Transport Technology

W.J. Oostdijk Methoden tot gelijkmatige verdeling van belasting over meerdere loopwielen bij portaalkranen
Masters thesis, Report TT.0507, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

This report deals with the distribution of the forces to the crane rail via a number of wheels.

After a descriptioa of the present way to lead the crane forces via a number of wheels to the rail, some alternatives have heen described, i.e:
  • elastic system
  • pneumatic system
  • hydraulic system After an analysis of these alternatives the hydraulic system has been worked out according to drawing nr. 319194, Conrad Stork B.V.

    Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
    Modified: 2008.02.24; , TU Delft / 3mE / TT / LT.