Delft University of Technology
Faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
Transport Technology

L.A.J. Tol
Masters thesis, Report TT.0534, Transport Engineering.

In this report it has been tried to study in a systematical way the stability of rod-mechanisms, which are applied in turnable hoisting-cranes (which can move their load in a radial direction). This has been done in a statical as well as a dynamical way.
Firstly some considerations about cranes, rod-mechanisms and drives are presented. After that the statical stability is considered.
In the second part of this report the movements of the crane are examined to determine the dynamic consequences.
As an important research tool a computerprogram has been written for a double-jib crane (four-link pin-joint system). The program can be used to determine ca. 30 quantities in connection with the position of the head-jib; some of these quantities are: coördinates, velocities, accelerations and forces.

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