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K.F. Drenth Optimalisering van de roldiameter van bandtransporteurs
Literature survey, Report TK.0836, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

The design of any equipment invariably involves compromises between technical and economic factors. For industrial equipment it is generally possible to reduce the operating costs by increasing the initial costs. The design variables over which the designer has some control may be adjusted whithin certain limits to ensure that a particular item of the equipment being designed meets the required specification. Such variables include those relating to the geometrical size of the equipment; the diameter of an idler in a conveyor has to be one of these variables. The influence of the diameter of a roll on the indentation resistance and the consequences to the rating life of the rolls and additional costs will be considered. Special attention is paid to the radial load acting on the rolls. The material on the belt causes a deformation of the belting and the resulting forces must be kept in equilibrium by normal reactions on the rolls. These reactions can be determined by theoretical analysis based on the mechanics of solids.

Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
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