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Transport Technology

H.J. Olthoff Een berekeningsmodel voor zwenkwerken van zware offshorekranen.
Masters thesis, Report TT.1061, Transport Engineering.

A computer program has been designed to simulate displacements and dynamic influences on a vessel mounted crane as a result of ship motions and the slewing operation. Determination of ship motions was established with use of Response Amplitude Operators.
The results under dynamic conditions have shown that a coincidency of period times of ship motions and load movements may lead to extremely high values of local displacements. More experience shows that high values of load displacements and speeds are suppressed by tugger wires. Suspicion rises whether the constant tension behaviour of the tugger winches is valid under dynamic conditions.
Recommended is therefore an experimental determination of tensions in tugger wires as a result of load displacements and speeds. Also ship motions will have to be determined to be able to verify the simulation program.
Simulation of the slewing operation under non-dynamic conditions has shown results in accordancy with experience.

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