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Transport Technology

A.J. Molenaar De kraanrail en haar ondersteuning.
Literature survey, Report TT.1260, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

In this report the wheel/rail contact problem will be discussed. The problem is studied viewed in general as the contact between two bodies, and specifically as wheel and rail contact. The geometry of the contact surface is reviewed and the factors influencing the shape of the contact surface.
The stresses in the top of the rail are discused, as other like the bending stress in the rest of the rail. Railtypes are discussed; the allowable stresses are discussed too.
Finally the elastically supported rail is discussed, and what the influence of the elastic support is on the railstresses. The differences between elastic and nonelastic support are reviewed, and how the elastically supported rail should be fastened to the foundation.

Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
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