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Faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
Transport Technology

C.F. van der Wel Computer aided design of roller bearings and articulations
Engineering Assignment / computer program, Report 86.3.OS.2031, Transport Engineering and Logistics / Offshore Engineering.

In this report is a description of the calculation, the design and the drawing of a three-race roller bearing and a cylindrical/spherical unijoint-articulation with a C.A.D.-system.

The report includes documentation of the program 'BEARING', a program to calculate and draft a three-race roller bearing, and of the program 'UNIJOINT', a program to calculate and draft a cylindrical/spherical articulation of a unijoint.
It contains:
  • descriptions of the bearing and of the unijoint-articulation
  • theory and formulae for the calculations
  • flowcharts and a listing of the programs

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