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W. Bloem Het hijsen van een last van eem supplyboat. Een simulatie in TUTSIM en Lotus 123.
Computer program, Report 87.3.OS.2295, Transport Engineering / Offshore Engineering.

In this report a description is presented of the simulation study that has been executed to study the process of hoisting a load from a moving supply-boat. The hoisting is supposed to be executed by a crane that is mounted on a fixed offshore structure.

The project has been divided into two parts, with respect to the wave motion and the motion of the supply-boat.

In the first part, the TUTSIM simulation program is used to establish the dynamic effects of the hoisting process. At this stage, the motion of the supply-boat is considered to follow a regular (sinusoidal) wave.

In the second part, the effects of an approximation of an irregular wave motion have been analysed. This analysis has been done with the program Lotus 123 and has been focusses mainly on the reliability of hoisting a load with different hoisting speeds.

Finally, the results for both the regular and irregular wave motion are compared to the recommendations of Lloyd's Register of Shipping, considering hoisting offshore loads.

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