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Transport Technology

J.J. Hanff Een introductie voor het gebruik van de SUN werkstations van de vakgroep Transporttechnologie
Computer program, Report 89.3.OS.2613, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

This report provides an introduction to the use of the SUN workstations, as operated in the Transporttechnologie-network at the Delft University of Technology.
After an overview of the available hardware, an introduction is given into the typical window- and mouse based environment of the SUN workstations.
Furthermore attention is paid to the facilities of the SUNTOOLS-package, which provides the user-interface with the computer, and an overview is given of the main commands which are needed for the interaction with the computer.
Finally, aspects of programming in Pascal on the SUN workstation are illustrated, based on several examples.

Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
Modified: 2008.01.19; , TU Delft / 3mE / TT / LT.