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G.A.A. Erens Routeplanning bij koeriersdiensten.
Literature survey, Report 91.3.LT.2880, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

Messenger-services have an interest in qualified routing because of the servicelevel required.
Upon examination of the solution methods of the routingproblem, it appears that the problem can be described in several ways. In general, the problem qan be divided into several subproblems, where every subproblem has a territory with one depot. A subproblem can be solved as a travelling salesman problem with timewindows and precedence constraints. In this way several algorithms have been developed to render the relations between clients and depots. These algorithms are applied to software packages to find the ideal route for a vehicle.

In practice most of the messenger-services use routing schedules, that should be filled in by hand. Messengers are used to drive fixed routes or are free chose their own route. A better way of routing is the combination of schedules and software for roadmaps. Then a planner can determine the ideal route from one point to another. There is a tendency to develop active roadmaps, which are able to inform the driver about traffic-situations and can change the chosen routes.

An investigation has been done for vehicle routing software packages obtainable in the Netherlands. These packages can plan routes for several vehicles.
It appears that application of these routing packages will save more than ten percent of the transportation costs. Nevertheless it will be very difficult to convince the transporters of the advantages of these packages.

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