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G.J.J.H. Kempen Functionaliteit van werktuigen voor magazijnen.
Literature survey, Report 92.3.LT.2952, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

This report gives an inventarisation of the equipment which is used in warehousing.

The functions, which the equipment can fulfill, are investigated. An enumeration of these functions is reproduced. The same types of equipment are distinguished by their specifications. Examples of these specifications are: speed, powersource, price and lifting capacity. These functions and specifications are adjudged to the different groups of equipment.

The equipment is divided by different kinds of groupings. Each kind is illustrated by several examples. The problems which occur by making a grouping based on the functions of the equipment are investigated. The first problem is making exact functions discriptions and the second is that the equipment can fulfill several different kinds of functions.

There are several standard procedures developed which select a piece of equipment from the collection. One method is described. The functions and the specifications can be used as a selection step in a selection procedure.

The common grouping of the equipment is very useful for an inventarisation of the equipment. This gives an insight in the enormous variety of existing equipment. It is not possible to make a useful grouping which is based on the functions of the equipment. The functions and specifications together can be used as a step in a selection procedure.

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