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Transport Technology / Logistic Engineering

A.J.S. Schikhof Onderzoek naar configuraties van een containerterminal met een simulatiemodel voor algemene tweefasige overslag.
Masters thesis, Report 91.3.LT.2960, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

In this report a description is given of a simulation model with which the simulation of transhipment in two phases is possible. The proces at a container terminal can be seen as a special form of transhipment in two phases. Based on a container terminal the simulation model is made. With this model it is easy to compare different lay-outs and decision rules.

Some experiments with different lay-outs made clear that the lay-out affects the performance of a container terminal. A right choice of the lay-out reduces the number of expensive carriers. Linking just one carrier to a certain part of the stack provides a worse performance compared to a situation in which more than one carrier can operate in a part of the stack.

In general for the transhipment in two phases the conclusion is that linking just one means of transportation to a part of the stack decreases the performance. A larger working area for the means of transportation leads to better results.

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