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H. Otte Automatiseren van containeroverslag en het voorkomen/bestrijden van lawaai.
Literature survey, Report 92.3.TT.2974, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

As container ships and the flow container at terminals are growing bigger and bigger, container terminals will be bigger in the future and will be more automated than they are at present. In this report is studied how deepsea terminals and rail terminals can be automated further.

Modern deepsea terminals, like the ECT/Sea-Land Delta Terminal, have usually already been automated partially. At the ECT/Sea-Land Delta Terminal transport and stacking of containers have already been automated. Automated loading and unloading of sea-ships meets with a number of difficulties.

Rail terminals have not yet been automated. It appears to be possible however, to automate rail terminals.

Container terminals often cause noise nuisance. Especially peak noise, the noise that springs up as a result of putting down containers, constitutes a problem. Peak noise can be opposed by putting down containers at a low speed. This can be realized very well with the help of automated equipment.

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