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Transport Technology / Logistic Engineering

P.J. van der Neut Ontwerp en implementatie van een algemeen configureerbaar jobshop model.
Computer program, Report 92.3.LT.2985, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

This report deals with the digital simulation of a jobshop production model. In this jobshop-model each type of product has its own routing along several production departments within a factory, by which both the number of departments and the number of machines per department are limited. Products can be produced by customer-order or by stock-order. Stock-orders will be issued in the factory as internal stock-jobs as a result of the stock control.

The model has been designed using the so called 'proces description method'. The program has been written in the syntax of the simulation language Must and programming language Turbo Pascal.

Keyboard input as well as input from a file is a possibillity.

During the simulation a number of items (such as utilization factors, work in proces, machines, jobs in queues, final stock etc.) can be controlled on the monitor. An animation system has been developed that represents every configuration on screen, so insight is obtained in the dynamic effects of the processes taking place.

Output is also one of the features of the program. The performance of the simulation can be analysed on the basis of the flowtime and deviation of due date of manufactured products.

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