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Transport Technology

B.R. Groet Voorontwerp van een specifiek terminalwerktuig voor de overslag van ACTS-containers.
Masters thesis, Report 92.3.TT.3013, Transport Technology.

This study describes a preliminary design for a vehicle suitable for the transshipment of (non-ISO) ACTS-containers from railcar to vehicle and vice versa.
It is derived from ACTS, a multi-medium transport system for combined rail/road transport of containers. The system gives problems specifically when used on large scale.
These problems result in capacity reduction and damage to the equipment.

The situation in a refuse processing plant was used as a case for this study. The vehicle, its alternatives and the terminal layout were studied. The best alternative was further developed. The chosen alternative is a dedicated terminal verhicle on tires that can transship containers horizontally. For this purpose the vehicle was equipped, just as the railcars, with a turning table.
For the transshipment, the table are moved in line before the container is pulled over.

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