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G.J.S. Vroege Implementatie van de key-structuur, object-georiënteerd geprogrammeerd in Turbo Pascal 6.0.
Computer program, Report 92.3.LT.3030, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

The key-structure is part of the object structure of an design environment for relational semantic databases. With this design environment a datamodel can be converted directly to a real implementation.

Object oriented programming will be used for implementation of the object structure. Hereby a lot of double coding work can be saved. Also will the coding be short and clear.

The object structure is designed recursively, this means an efficient use of the computer's operating memory. In this object structure key are prescribed as objects. References and participations are prescribed with the use of lists as attributes of the keys. At key level there is virtually nothing which distinguishes entities from associations. The implementation has only to return the information about the structure and the way of participation.

To avoid crashing of the program, an error shell is made. This shell gives information about the kind of error when this occurs.

The object structure is implemented in Turbo Pascal v6.0. The working of all methods are tested with four test programs. No error occurred during these tests.

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