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D.J. Wijnschenk Modellering van een openbaar vervoernetwerk.
Literature survey, Report 92.3.LT.3070, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

This report summarizes subjects regarding public transport. Design, control and recent developments of public transport will be discussed.
When designing public transport networks the demand for transport, the streetnetwork and the budget are known. The question rises what routes the transportlines have to follow and what frequencies they should have for an optimal transport network. Objectfunctions, constraints and control variables will be used to solve such problems. A lot of algorithms are available in the form of models for the design of public transport networks.
Models, which determine the demand for public transport, create a possible set of routes, optimize or evaluate.
Using the models a planner designs a network. Not only these models contribute to the design, also the specialized insight of the planner and other factors define the final network.
The quality of a transport network cannot be guaranteed by a good design. Especially the execution of service is of great importance; this concerns the operational control. Some definitions at operational control: speed, punctuality/regularity, synchronization and practicability.

Datacollection systems and processing systems have to provide data and information, which are necessary for control, expansion or adjustment of the transport network.
The public transport compete with the car transport. Consumers like to be picked up at home and to be dropped at their destinations. In this field developments are in the form of train-, region- and expressbustaxis.
High frequency transport will be provided by automatic transport systems. Examples are mini-undergrounds, suspension-railways and magnetic-railways.

At Delft University of Technology specific knowledge about transport networks is available at the department Traffic and Public Transport at the faculty of Civil Engineering.
All aspects, discussed before, will be reflected upon in this report and are the result of a study of literature, executed in accordance with the fourth years essay.

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