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D.M. Kann Geaggregeerde capaciteitsplanning
Literature survey, Report 92.3.LT.3071, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Production planning can be defined as the process of determining the quantity of production, stocks and capacities which are needed to fulfill a certain market demand.
The planning can be divided in three levels: strategic planning, tactical planning and operational control.
At the tactical level planning and control of the production are established at an aggregate level. At this level a production process is divided in different production units. These are independent production departments with some production stages and resources. The activities of the production units are coordinated by the goods flow control, which considers the production units as black boxes with elementary production characteristics. These operational characteristics describe the behaviour of a production unit on the goods flow control level. Production orders for a specific production unit are released by goods flow control.

In order to design general methods of production planning and control it is recommendable to distinguish varous types of production processes. In this paper a division in three different production situations has been chosen: Make-to-Stock, Make-to-Order and Engineer-to-Order .

At goods flow control level the aggregate production planning can be controled on a capacity oriented manner. The remaining workload method can be used for the goods flow control. The hierarchical backlog control is a useful method of production planning in make-to-order production organizations, which is a mix between make-to-stock and engineer-to-order. In an engineer-to-order situation in which network structures are considered at an aggregate level, engineer work is difficult to plan. In this situation the planning can take place on a capacity oriented manner with work load norms.

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