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M. van der Veen en C.M. Smissaert Torenkranen in het bouwbedrijf. Een introductie.
Literature survey, Report 92.3.TT.3085A, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Many variations of towercranes for building-construction exist. A towercrane is to be constructed in such a way that both transportation and mounting are made as simple as possible.

The towercrane is usually constructed of a steel lattice work with the tower and the jib(s) as main elements. In cases where the tower reaches beyond a certain height, it is possible to connect it onto the building.

The towercrane is equipped with a selection of the following mechanisms for load handling: hoisting system, luffing systeem, trolley, travelling system and a slewing unit. Which combination is used characterises the towercrane.

Some models are equipped with a climbing-machanism. This makes it possible for the crane to increase it's height without the use of a additional (mobile) crane.

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