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G.M.H. Huls Koel- en vriescontainers; koelmethoden tijdens zeetransport, opslag en doorvoer.
Literature survey, Report 93.3.TT.3089, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Two types of containers are used in the process of refrigerated container transport: The majority of the reefers needs an external power supply. That is why they are also known as 'plug-ins'. During sea-transportation as well as during storage these plug-ins have to be connected to a power supply. During transit transportation these plug-ins are seldomly being refrigerated.

During sea tranportation the port-hole container is being refrigerated by a central refrigeration machinery. This circulates the air to and from the port-hole container through pipes and couplings. During storage the port-hole container is being refrigerated in a similar way. The port-hole container is also rarely being refrigerated during transit transportation.

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