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B.J.C. van Langen Orderpicksystemen: een overzicht van de literatuur.
Literature survey, Report 93.3.LT.4041, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

A lot of strategies, methods and equipment for retrieving orders from warehouses (orderpicking) are developed. This is caused by the the vast choice of articles and the high costs caused by orderpicking. These days, there is also a growing need to flexible and powerfull orderpick systems. This report tries to give an overview of the existing strategies, methods and equipment used in the industry.

The primary connections are shown between the behavioral system, the control system and the physical process. Also the variety of orderpick methods will be described. The environment of an orderpick system will have a big influence on the way the system is set up and operated. The most influencing factors (example company goals, market strategies) are described.

To make the understanding of the physical process of an orderpicksystem easier, a short description of the physical layout of warehouses will be given. The warehouses are separated in two categories: static warehouses (fixed scaffolding) and dynamic warehouses (moveable scaffolding).

The description of the physical process is divided in the following functions: locating, catching, carrying and delivering the articles. Each of the functions given, can be executed in different ways by mechanical means, in a static or dynamic setup. The control of the execution of these functions, which are mentioned in the report, are classified in the following categories: hand-, mechanic-, semi automatic- and automatic control. The communication pathways between the physical process and the control system are described as: papertransfer, wire connection and wireless connection.

To give more insight information on the equipment of few typical physical orderpick processes is given: application fields, technical information and positive and negative points will be looked at.

The control system is described by the following control functions: determining the moment an order has to be executed, determining the work order for the orderpicker and determining for the orderpicker the route through to the warehouse. The heuristics which are being used for these functions are described.

In the description of the strategic control system, the models mentioned in the report are being used to support the decisions on the strategy and the tactical level. These models are divided in: designing models, storage models and integral control models. From the designing models. the design project and expected picking times models are looked at.

This report tries to give a better view on orderpick systems. The variety of orderpick systems are not compared to each other and solutions of orderpicking problems are not within the scope of this report.

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