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Transport Technology

M. van der Starre Optimalisatie van semi-directe kolenoverslag bij EMO stortgoedterminal.
Masters thesis, Report 92.3.TT.4076, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

In this report the semi-direct coaltransshipment from unloader to bargeloader l on EMO Maasvlakte is described. Also the factors that caused to decrease of production of bargloader l during the last few years are represented. Both the technical and the logistic aspects are considered. The decrease of production leads to a number of requirements and wishes with respect to the buffer installation and a conveyor system to be developed. Based on this, various alternative solutions are created. Comparison of these alternatives leads to a suitable solution. The construction of the preferred alternative is elaborated as well.

Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
Modified: 2006.04.26; , TU Delft / 3mE / TT / LT.