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H. Borsje Relaties tussen leveranciers en uitnesteders: een lange weg naar co-makership.
Literature survey, Report 93.3.LT.4081, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

Components should be delivered Just-in-Time to be able to produce Just-in-Time. This makes high demands upon suppliers. In this report the characteristics and the benefits or disadvantages of Just-in-Time will be described.
An important characteristic and also a condition for Just-in- Time is co-makership, a long-term relationship between a sub-contractor and a limited number of suppliers. Not all products and branches of industry are suitable for co-makership. The characteristics and the benefits or disadvantages of co-makership will also be discussed.
Besides Just-in-Time and co-makership the term sourcing is frequently used in relationships between suppliers and sub-contactors. Sourcing means the search and selection of suppliers for a product. Various forms are used in literature like: sole, single en dual sourcing. Por each form other arguments are used.

Before the selection of suppliers can be started, the degree of co-operation between sub-contactor and supplier should be determined. In literature two methods are found. These methods are described and compared with each other.
To find a suitable supplier a selection procedure is started, with a review whether the supplier meets the requirements of the sub-contractor. After the selection the supplier should be evaluated continually. The sub-contractor uses mostly a selection or an evaluation procedure. A selection and evaluation procedure used by Siemens is described.
After the right supplier has been selected a contract can be drawn up. There are a few aspects which are useful to include in a contract. The juridical aspects of comakership should also be taken into account such as protection of know-how by patenting.

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