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M.A. Schroten Produktieplanning op parallel opgestelde bewerkingseenheden.
Literature survey, Report 93.3.LT.4116, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

In this report an overvieuw is given of the literature published on a production situation with parallel machines. Such a situation causes problems which are different from problems arising in other situations. From the point of view of logistic technology several parameters influence the processes which come with processing on this kind of production plants. These parameters are: With this background, an survey of the recently published literature is made. The problem field has been divided into three parts: Lotsizing, sequencing and machine allocation. Thus the field of study is considered from the point of view of the floor manager and the production scheduler.
It appears to be that the three problem fields are not independent. An iteration process is needed to get an overall optimal solution.

The three types of problem are proven to be NP-hard. Because of this fact an large amount of heuristics are given in the literature. This report gives the principals of those heuristics without making any statement about the quality of the results.

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