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G.J.J.H. Kempen Een simulatiemodel voor de afhandeling van kleine vliegtuigen.
Masters thesis, Report 93.3.LT.4117, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

At the Schiphol airport the dispatch of smaller airplanes, belonging to the regionals, takes place on a special platform. Dispatch is the procedure for getting passengers in and out, supplying of the fuel, cleaning, the catering, the inspections etc. The consequence of the use of the special platform is that the passengers have to be transported by bus between te platform and the bus terminal at the airport station; this results in a number of other ativities at the platform. This requires a good control of the use of the parking places and the employment and availability of resources. At the platform a congestion problem exists concerning the dispath of the airplanes.

On the basis of the description of the system a generic simulation model has been developed. The model is designed using the method of process description. The model offers several applications e.q. the possibility to compare different layouts of the platform of an airport.

The simulation model is applied to the mentioned congestion problem at the B/C platform of Schiphol. Employees of Schiphol have developed two new layouts based on the construction of new routes for the planes. These two proposals for a new layout of the platform have been investigated with the help of the simulation model. One of the proposed new layouts shows an improvement upon the existing situation. The performance indicator -the total number of delays- is reduced considerably.

A disadvantage of simulation models is the fact that a combination of input parameters is studied. The user gains no insight the way the value of the performance indicator is influenced by the different input parameters. The metamodel theory offers the possibility to gain this insight in the simulation model. With the help of this theory a mathematical relation between performance indicator and the different input quantities can be obtained. The importance of the influence of the different input parameters on the performance indicators quantity can be obtained from this relation.

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