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J.H.A.M. Gorissen Evaluatie van het softwarepakket DATABOSS.
Computer program, Report 93.3.LT.4133, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

The database-package studied appears to be a good option, for certain specific situations, to link a Pascal-program to a database. These situations can be described by the following aspects: The DATABOSS package offers for such links a special import-/export function.

The design principle that has to be used is easy to learn. But the level that can be reached with the quick start, the user can make in learning how to use DATABOSS suffices only to implement relatively simple datamodels. Because of the structure of the manual it is difficult for the user to develop himself more advanced datamodels.

A big advantage of the package is that to implement a datamodel, the user has has to specify the different datafields only. DATABOSS will then automatically generate the database in the desired language (Pascal,C,C++). This also makes it possible to change, relatively easy, from one programming language to another.

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