Delft University of Technology
Faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
Transport Technology

J.W. Werner Menghoopsystemen
Literature survey, Report 93.3.TT.4155, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Since the beginning of this century, blending piles are applied for homogenizing and composing of raw material. From a literature survey, the developments in the field of blending systems in the last decade are investigated. For that purpose the various kinds of blending piles, the stacking and reclaiming of the piles and the stacking and reclaiming equipment are discussed.
It turns out that there is hardly any development in the field of blending systems. The choice of the blending system to apply depends on a variety of factors.

Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
Modified: 2008.01.20; , TU Delft / 3mE / TT / LT.