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H. Wiryono Diverse typen feeders en doseerinrichtingen keuze en toepassingen.
Literature survey, Report 93.3.TT.4156, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

There are many types of feeders and feeding-methods that are frequently used for storing and handling of bulk materials. In this report some of the most popular feeders and two important feeding-methods are discussed, the volumetric feeding and the gravimetric methods.
The gravimetric method, it is the loss-in-weight system, is very accurate but a disadvantage is the high investment compared with other feeding systems. The most popular feeders that can be used in it are the screw feeder, vibration feeder, belt feeder and the rotary vane feeder.
A screw feeder is the most accurate but the cost for installation of this feeder is expensive. The vibration feeder has the minimum power requirement and gives a high capacity.

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