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G.A. van Tienhoven Lastbaanberekening voor de enkele giekkraan.
Computer program, Report 93.3.TT.4164, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

In the near future the single boom crane will be used for inland container handling. One of the problems at container handling is the swing of the load.
This report shows the development of a Matlab program which computes the movements of the load for a single boom crane. In this way more information about the behavior of the load is obtained.
A simulation can be configured close to reality by 17 parameters. It is also possible to make as many simulations as necessary in one session. The output of the program can be adapted to the needs of the user and if necessary transferred to ASCII.
Some simulations with parameters taken from reality are being made, from which conclusions for container handling can be drawn. One of the crucial factors is the length of the cable.

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