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P.A.W. Steenvoorden Het ontwerp van de inrichting van een bedrijfsterrein; verhuren, transporteren en installeren van materiaal voor bouwwerken.
Masters thesis, Report 93.3.TT.4244, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

This report describes the design of the layout of a new yard for Ballast Nedam Bouwmaterieel. Ballast Nedam Bouwmaterieel is a subsidiary of Ballast Nedam B.V. and lends out, transports and installs building equipment for other subsidiaries of Ballast Nedam B.V..

Before desiging the layout of the new yard, the transportation system is examined. The examination shows that the best external transportation system is a truck with sideload cranes, containers and a crane at the end of the truck. The internal transportation system can be improved by using fork lift trucks. The fork lift trucks can load/unload the containers at space in the yard arranged for that purpose.

Guis, another subsidiary of Ballast Nedam B.V., probably also moves to the new yard. They use a gantry crane for loading/unloading their equipment. They would like to enlarge the span of the gantry crane. Calculation shows that it is possible to do this.

The layout of the yard is done by Systematic Layout Planning procedures. After analysing the production flow, the relations between the activities, the space needed by each activity and the limiting conditions several layouts are made. These layouts are evaluated and finally the best layout is chosen.

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