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T.A. van Kesteren Goederenontvangst- en goederenbestelsystemen. Titel
Literature survey, Report 94.3.LT.4263, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

This work tries to create a general intpression of industrial companies by using the classification method of Botter [C.H. Botter Industrie en Organisatie Kluwer/Nive (1985), ISBN 90-267-0910-2]. The central topic will be the input-side of these companies. The different sectors that the classification uses are the following: materialssector, simple productsector, complex productsector and the projectsector. Each sector is then covered in more detail on the topics of product receiving- and product requirements-systems. In addition, the influence of the developments in logistics on these receiving- and requirements systems shall be discussed. These developments are divided into a number of classes, i.e.: Electronic Data Interchange and paperless trade. The implementation guide
Euromatica (1988); 2. EDI applicaties in de gezondheidszorg Telecom Magazine, nr.7 (september, 1993) pp.38 e.v.

FinalIy a case-study ofthe TPD (Technisch Physische Dienst TNO), concerning their place in the classification and the characteristics of their product receiving- and product requirements systems, is made.

Reports on Logistic Engineering (in Dutch)
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