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A.C. van IJzerloo Literatuuronderzoek naar het mens-machine systeem kraanmeester-kraan en ergonomische aspecten van kraancabines met betrekking tot de gezondheid van de kraanmeester.
Literature survey, Report 94.3.TT.4290, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Man, as an information processor and decisionmaker, posesses certain adaptive characteristics which make him irreplacable in many transshipment situations. He is capable of controlling adequately in unforeseeable events. In order to control high-order systems, like a crane, crane operators tend to use pulse controlling (on-off controlling with a fixed lenght of time). Several publications describing the crane operator as an element in the man-machine system and skill development for crane controlling are discussed.

In spite of ergonomic inprovements to cabin design, many crane operators still suffer from low back and neck pain. Especially the position of the body and exposure to shocks and vibrations cause this. Modern transshipment methods and technical developments have made crane control into a sitting profession with a very static working position. In this context aspects of crane cabins which effect the operators capacities are discussed. Several improvements are proposed, for instance to use safety belts for better body support and to encourage operators to be more aware of their own health.

Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
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