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J.B. van den Bosch Transportwerktuigen voor het magazijn: een inventarisatie van magazijnwerktuigen en haar samenhang met magazijnstellingen.
Literature survey, Report 94.3.LT.4343, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

A big variety of transport tools in a warehouse exists. Selection of a specific transport tool for a warchouse is a difficult process. Due to lack of literature in which an overview is given of all transport tools, very often the choice of a transport tool does not have a solid basis.

To make a good selection, out of all possibilities, a description is made of the storage equipment. Without knowledge of the storage equipment, it is not possible to make a well founded choice for a transport tool.
Moreover, it is necessary that the tools are not classified on appearance and external features, but on function. In this report a functional classification is made on degrees of freedom in movement. This results in the following groups:
  • Transport tools for lineair transport
  • Transport tools for flat transport
  • Transport tools for spatial transport

    Each transport tool of these groups, is described with its characteristics. By matching these characteristics with the characteristics of the storage equipment, it is possible to make a good selection.

    Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
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