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W.M.M. Lambrechts Het (ont)sporen van een kunststof band over een scheefstaande rol.
Laboratory experiment, Report 94.3.TT.4360, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Steering-rollers are used to adjust a belt over rollers that is out of alignment. A steering-roller is a cylindrical roller, of whieh the axie can be moved in such a way, that there is an angle between this axle and the other axles.

The belt, which runs over the rollers, moves sideways over the rollers to that point of the roller, where the distance between the axles is the smallest.

This behaviour of the belt can be explained by the effect of unrolling. The belt moves then sideways over the roller, through the fact that the belt runs on the roller at an angle. Relative movements of the belt with regard to the rollers don't occur.

In this experimental assignment attempts are made to gain a dear sight into the way the belt moves over the crooked steering-roller. In a special testing-installation images are made of the belt, when it moved over the rollers.

From the results it is concluded, that the effect of unrolling is a reasonable explanation for the effect, that steering-rollers have on the belt.

The way the movement of the belt over the roller depends on the belt-tension, the belt-speed and the steering-angle couldn't be detected because of the inaccuracy of the images, that where made. After implementation of the recommendations this can be examined in a next assigninent.

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