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D.A. Bron Testmethode voor de vermoeiingstestmachine bij Dunlop-Enerka.
Literature survey, Report 94.3.TT.4365, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

In this literature survey a proposal is suggested, that enables fatigue failure research on a machine, developed at the Delft University.
On the basis of fatigue research done in the field of construction materials, suggestions are made to obtain realistic fatigue failure curves. A fatigue failure curve, constructed with test results of the machine will be the base of this curve. Corrections will be made in the results for some aspects in the real life situation that differ from the conditions during the tests. The research on the influence of these aspects will be done simultaneously.
These fatigue failure curves enable the use of a real safetyfactor. The validity of the data is fairly good. On top of that these fatigue failure curves offer the possibility to select conveyor belts for a given lifetime.

Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
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