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P.J. Doorduin Invloedslijnenberekening voor klap van een brugkraan met twee hangstangen: een MATLAB-programma.
Computer program, Report 94.3.TT.4370, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

This rapport deals with the development of a program in the computer language MATLAB. This is specifically applied to a statical undefined problem which appears when an apron of the bridge unloader is suspended by two tension rods. The construction is laoded with its own mass and with a prescribed displacement of the support of one of the tension rods. This prescribed displacement varies in steps from a defined minimum to a defined maximum. The developed program calculates, for a number af positions of the prescribed displacement, the bending moment in the crane girder at a specified location, the normal forces in the tension rods and the reaction forces.

First the model and the theory is discussed in this rapport. After that a description of the program and a proof on the correctness of the calculation are presented. Then, in short, the results are analysed.

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