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Transport Technology

J. Wit Het dynamisch gedrag van losbruggen: een Matlab simulatie.
Computer program, Report 94.3.TT.4393, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

This report deals with the development of a computer program, with which the dynamic behaviour of a gantry crane equiped with a machine trolley pulley by means of wire ropes, can be simulated. In the model that has been developed for this purpose, the dynamic behaviour of this crane depends on the swinging of the load and on the kind of drive that is used for the grab hoisting and for the movement of the machine trolley pulley.
Following the unambiguous definition of this model, equations of motion and drive have been derived to describe the dynamics of the system. With these equations, a user-friendly computer program has been developped for use in MATLAB for Windows. This program has been tested in a limited degree and a few simulations have been done by variation of the input parameters. The results of these tests and simulations suggest that the program functions correctly; however, to guarantee this supplementary validation will be necessary.

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