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G.J.M. Bartelet en P.T.S. Dijkstra Continulosser voor zout. 1: Algemene beschrijving en probleeminventarisatie.
Masters thesis, Report 2006.TL.4443A, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

This report refers to the use of a continuous unloader by Akzo Nobel at the site Rotterdam-Botlek. This unloader has to tranship salt from coasters and inland vessels. The salt is the raw material for the production process of chlorine. On a yearly basis, this includes an amount of approximately 400.000 tonnes of salt. The department Logistic Operations, where the unloader is being used, makes the following demands on the transhipment: The unloader, supplied by Conveytech in September 1993, has disfunctioned up till August 1994. Besides a technical introduction, this first report provides an evaluation of the above period. The problems are being described and categorised, resulting in the formulation of two subjects for further investigation. This concerns:
  1. the feeding part of the unloader and the unloading strategy
  2. the new, enclosed belt conveyor
The further investigation (reports 95.3.TT.4443B and 95.3.TT.4443C) is with due observance of the above requirements.

Reports on Transport Engineering and Logistics (in Dutch)
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