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P.T.S. Dijkstra Continulosser voor zout. 3: Onderzoek naar de levensduur en effectiviteit van een gesloten transportband bij AKZO Nobel locatie Botlek.
Masters thesis, Report 95.3.TT.4443C, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

The continuous unloader at AKZO NOBEL Rotterdam (report 95.3.TT.4443A) has been designed by the Swedish engineering office Conveytech. The material handled by the shipunloader is salt. Internal transport frorn the ship's hold to the quay is realised by a closed conveyor belt, of type U-CON Q. During operation of the unloader several problems with the belt have occured, e.g. a short lifetime caused by damage of the belt construction, low output and leakage of material.

The research project is aimed at explaining and solving these problems through changes in the construction. Research is based on calculations of strain in the guiding elements in the belt trajectory.

Both in explanations and solutions two aspects are considered:

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