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W.M.M.L. Engbers Verkenningsstudie voor grootschalig gerobotiseerd containertransport in het Rotterdamse havengebied.
Masters thesis, Report 95.3.LT.4471, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

The containertranshiprnent in the port of Rotterdam is estimated to quadruple between 1995 and 2020. This growth, which will mainly occur on the Maasvlakte, will result in a notable increase of container transportation, especially on the road. Transportation by truck causes risks to the environment and is a major caure of congestion.

The DiTrans project examines the development of a transporation system which coordinates intra- and interterminal container transportation over a large area thmugh interactive guided robot vehicles. Logistically the network of terminals operates as if it were one big terminal. Thus a transportation system is created which is flexible as far as storage, container transhipment and time of transportation is concemed.

Advantages to a robotized transportation system are: The influence of geographical spreading of container transhipment on a robotized transportation system has been examined in this study on the basis of a number of cases. These cases are divided in: (1) the present configuration, (2) trucks on the Eem-/Waalhaven, (3) trucks further into the land and (4) specialization to modality. The containerflows in this report are based on prognosis of flows in 1995 and 2020. A simulation model is developed for this research project.

The following performance- and evaluation-indicators are determined for each case:
The 1995-cases
The total number of transshipped containers in 1995 is prognosticated at 2,5 x 106. The global results for the 1995-cases are shown in table 1.

The 2020-cases
The total number of transhipped containers in 2020 is prognosticated at 10 x 106. The global results for the 2020-cases are shown in table 2.

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