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Transport Technology

P.A. Strik Simulatiemodel magazijn. Implementatie in Borland Pascal en Must.
Computer program, Report 95.3.LT.4477, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Simulation is very useful in the process of decision making for the new layout of a warehouse. A warehouse simulation implemented in Taylor II (version 2.20) showed that the used version of this pakkage does not offer sufficient possibilities to flexibly simulate any warehouse configuration and investigate the impact on the performance of interaction between vehicles. The question arises whether or not this is possible using Borland Pascal and Must.

A modelof a warehouse is described. Interaction between vehicles while driving is included. The resulting simulation program provides the folowing performance indicators for evaluation of different layouts: The model has been built according to the process description method. It has been implemented in object oriented Borland Pascal and Must. This study shows that Borland Pascal and Must do not suffer from the constraints of Taylor II. Unfortunately, Must and Borland Pascal do not combine this with an advanced and easy to build animation, the strong feature of Taylor II.

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