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J.K. van der Hoeven Grondtransport uit ontgravingsruimte tunnelboormachine. Toepassing en modellering van de schroeftransporteur.
Literature survey, Report 97.3.TT.4865, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

In modern tunnel engineering more and more tunnel boring machines (TBM's) are used, Two types of TBM's are used: Slurry balanced shield (Slurry shield) and Earth Pressure Balanced shield (EPB shield). In TBM's with EPB-shield often a screw conveyor is used for transportation of soil out of the work chamber.

In chapter 1 the backgrounds of several tunneling systems are described. Then chapter 2 gives the demands for the possible transport facilities. After that in chapter 3 the backgrounds of usage of a screw conveyor in a TBM with EBP-shield are discussed. At last chapter 4 describes a (new) analytical model for a screw conveyor in circumstances as in a TBM.

It was necessary to make an new analytical model, because in the no analytical model is available describing the transport of material in a screw conveyor with an angle of inclination.

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