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A. Schenkeveld Enkele ontwikkelingen aan containeroverslagkranen in de afgelopen 10 jaar.
Literature survey, Report 97.3.TT.4868, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Since the first containers were used in the late 1950's in the United States, containerisation has expanded enormously. Nowadays a world-wide network of container transportation exists. To make the process of container transportation more effcient many new vehicles and equipment have been developed. One of those tools is the containercrane. There are many varieties of container cranes.

For this report a survey of many of these varieties is made based on questionnaires which are sent to all important crane manufacturers by some specific magazines. The purpose of this report is to discover with this survey some changes in the development of the main sizes, the boom and bridgegirder, the different trolley systems and the different anti-sway systems of containercranes.

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