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L. Loeve Programmeren en simuleren in Java®.
Literature survey, Report 97.3.LT.4912, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

Java is a quite new programming language, which seems to offer many possibilities. This language could be used in a logistical context. Therefore it is interesting to investigate the Java programming language.

In this paper the possibilities of Java as a programming language and as a simulation language are investigated.
The features of Java as a programming language are considered as well as the way of programming and possibilities for concurrent programming in Java. Also a few object-oriented simulation languages are investigated with their possibilities for simulation of parallel processes. These simulation languages are compared to the existing Java simulation languages.

Java turned out to be a very interesting programming language with many possibilities. Java is also suitable for logistical applications, like simulations. The existing simulation languages in Java can be used for simple simulations, but not for simulation of parallel systems. It is therefore recommended to extend the existing Java simulation languages with possibilities for parallel simulation.

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