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L. Loeve Een voertuiggeleidingssysteem in Java®.
Computer program, Report 97.3.LT.4925, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

Automated guided vehicles (AGV's) are, among other things, used for the transportation of containers between quay-cranes and stacks. Because of the i ncreasing scaling-up of the transportation of containers, a new system for the traffic control of automated guided vehicles is needed. Therefore a new system for traffic control, named TRACES, is proposed in "Voertuiggeleiding als systeem van automaten" by J.J.M. Evers, J.A. Ottjes and M.B. Duinkerken.

An implementation is made of the traffic control system TRACES in the Java programming language. First the needed objects and methods are analysed, subsequently is started with the implementation of these objects and methods. The possibilities of the computer program for simulation are also investigated.

The resulting computer program behaves as it should while it represents the TRACES concept properly. Simulation with this computer program is not yet possible, because the Java-simulation languages are quite new and not yet suitable for this kind of simulations. It is recommended that a number of methods and the segment Priorities and Timing are developed. Also further research is necessary for the simulation of the TRACES model.

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