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R.C. Govers Simulatie van een ferro-alloys terminal: een computersimulatie in Taylor II.
Computer program, Report 97.3.LT.4932, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

This computer simulation program has been written for the department Transport Technology of the Technical University of Delft. A simulation had to be made of a ferro-alloys terminal which will be build in the Port of Rotterdam. On this terminal the ferro-alloys will be stored, transported and processed. These activities will be simulated in Taylor II version 4.1. This is a computer program especially designed for simulations.

The first problem was to deterinine how many trucks will be needed to assure a maximum capacity of the quay crane when a ship lies at the quay. The second problem was to determine how many bulldozers will be needed to make sure that the process of breaking and sifting will work at maximum capacity.

The trucks will work between the quay crane and the storage warehouse. The bulldozers will be working between the machine buffers and the storage warehouse.

With Taylor II version 4.1, two simulation models experiments have been made. One of the discharge process and one of the breaking and sifting process. Both processes are built out of standard elements. The different elements which have been used are: machines, buffers, transporters and paths. From the simulation it is very clear how the ferroalloys are moving and processed over the terminal, also visible is if the machines work as expected.

After experimenting with both simulation models, the number of trucks and bulldozers necessary have been set. It is assumed that every ten days a portion of 10.000 tons of ferro-alloys still to be processed will arrive. It appears that 2 trucks will be needed to guarantee a maximum capacity of the quay crane. Also 5 bulldozers will be needed to make sure buffers are filled and made emptied in due time.

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