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J.W. Pruisken Kennismaking met Arena.
Computer program, Report 97.3.LT.4961, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

Systems Modeling Corporation recently presented Arena 3.0, a new version of the simulation software with more applications, especially due to VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). This software was not used in the section Logistical Engineering, so Arena had to been introduced in the research activities of the Logistics Engineering section.

A good way to try out Arena is building a well-known model, the terminal-model. While only an evaluation version of Arena was available, the model was split up into two parts, a quay-model and a stack-model. The quay-model is (deliberately) not built according to reality, which as a matter of fact is quite well possible, but illustrates other possiblities of Arena. The stack-model is built with assistance of VBA and clearly VBA is an essential supplement for modelling a stack. The model of the stack is heavily simplified as far as the animation is concerned because of the limitations of Arena.
AGV's (Automatic Guided Vehicle) and other carriers can be modelled simply and precisely.

Arena has lots of integrated simulation-related functions, such as input/output data analysis, with Arena or with other applications. Also detailed animations can be created, so the validity of the model can be checked easily.

The online-help function is useful up to a certain level, but is absolutely insufficient when using VBA. The "Arena User's Guide" does not give any information on a specific subject, but develops an understanding of how Arena works. The SMART-files are excellent tools for understanding the use of modules.

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