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M. Wilts Laden en lossen van containers en vrachtwagens.
Literature survey, Report 97.3.TT.4974, Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Container transport has become important in transporting goods. The use of containers caused new problems in relation to container handling. One of those problems is the loading and unloading of the contents of the container. This is a problem, because the cargo-space is only accessible from one side. Therefore a survey has been made on the possibilities to load and unload cargo-spaces that are only accessible from one side. In addition to containers also trucks are handled, because they have many similarities.

Together with containerisation the use of standarised load-units has increased. Some of these load-units, like pallets and roll-containers will be discussed.
The load-units and the load have to be secured so the load cannot move, because moving cargo can cause damage to the cargo or dangerous situations for personel.

The cargo can be unloaded from the container in several ways. The easiest way is by hand, where the use of belt-conveyors or roller-transportsystems can help. Over the years there are developed a lot of resources for pallet transport. The simpliest is the hand-pallettruck but there are also fork-lifttrucks. Which resource will be used depends on the requirements. A fork-lifttruck will give the best performence, but is also expensive. If the resource is not used often and the load is not too heavy, it is possible to choose other equipment, like a pallettruck. To load and unload trucks and containers besides a transport-device often other installations, like loading bridges or dock bridges, are used.

If the loading and unloading has to be done quickly, there is an option to use automated systems that are built in the truck or on the dock. These systems are expensive and only suitable for specific load-units.

Bulk-goods are often handled with grabs or are unloaded by tipping. Systems that can automatically (un)load bulk are available to. It is also possible to transport bulk-goods in containers.

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