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R. den Ouden Modelleren van een werkplek binnen produktie-organisaties.
Masters thesis, Report 98.3.LT.5016, Transport Technology, Logistic Engineering.

This thesis describes the experiences and results of the assigmnent executed for LBM Software Development v.o.f. in Rotterdam.
The assignment is titled 'the modelling of a work center within a production organisation'. The developed Delphi syntax, based on the model of the work center, has been implemented in the simulation tool 'Business Moneytor'. This tool downloads main data from an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)-system, like SAP R/3 or Baan IV, and makes a model of the enterprise. Simulating with this model makes it possible to analyse the logistic supply chain, execute what-if-analyses and locate bottlenecks.

The developed model contains the following functionality: A user interface is also developed to make it possible for the user to edit the work center properties and view the statistical results.

At the moment, not all functions already work in the Business Moneytor. Some parts are already tested, while other parts still have to be completed.

The following conclusions can be drawn:
The following recommendations are made:

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